Female Pet Dog Magic Diaper
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Female Pet Dog Magic Diaper

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*Pet Travel: Super absorption, comfortable and ventilated, with this physical pant right now you can relievedly walk or run with your pets
*If your dog is big dog, we suggest you choose a larger size
*Safety :Magic tape is very easy tied and loosed
*Comfortable :Soft cotton used, to protect each skin of your pet
*This diaper can also cover the smell of female dog to prevent the sexual harassment.
*With a hole which especially for tail, you still can enjoy every moment she wags her tail to said she is happy to stay with you.
*Magic footprints:
Before the water is absorbed, there are blue small footprints.
When the water is absorbed, the small footprint disappears.
This time you should change the diaper for your pet.
*Quantity: 10 PCS
* Imported

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