About PatPat Wholesale Delivery Countries & Duties


The processing period is not included in the shipping time. Even if you pick Express, it will still take 1-5 days just to process your order. Processing naturally takes longer for larger and more complex orders.

Please accept our apologies for any delay of Standard shipping under the impact of COVID-19.


Delivery Time

PatPat Wholesale currently supports the delivery to countries and regions below:

North America:

Country/Region Standard  Express
United States 7-14 days 3-5 days
Canada 7-14 days 4-6 days
Mexico 7-14 days 4-6 days


Country/Region Standard  Express
United Kingdom 7-14 days N/A
Other EU Member State 7-14 days 4-6 days
Norway 9-16 days 4-6 days
Iceland N/A 7-9 days
Cyprus 9-16 days 7-9 days

East Asia:

Country/Region Standard  Express
China Mainland N/A 1-2 days
Hong Kong SAR N/A 1-2 days
Taiwan N/A 3-5 days
Japan N/A 3-5 days
South Korea N/A 3-5 days
Malaysia N/A 5-7 days
Singapore N/A 5-7 days
Pakistan N/A 5-7 days
Philippines N/A 5-7 days

West Asia:

Country/Region Standard  Express
Saudi Arabia N/A 7-9 days
Israel N/A 3-5 days
U.A.E N/A 7-9 days
Qatar N/A 7-9 days
Oman N/A 7-9 days
Jordan N/A 7-9 days
Lebanon N/A 7-9 days
Kuwait N/A 7-9 days
Bahrain N/A 7-9 days


Country/Region Standard  Express
Australia 7-14 days 4-6 days
New Zealand 7-14 days 4-6 days


Country/Region Standard  Express
Egypt N/A 5-7 days
South Africa N/A 5-7 days
Other African countries N/A 7-10 days

All days are BUSINESS DAYS.


Duties & Taxes

United States:

Wholesale orders to the United States are tax-exempt, no matter whether Standard or Express is selected.

Other countries:

Orders delivered to other countries by Express are possibly charged for applicable taxes and duties, depending on local customs policies. In addition, customs clearance proof is not available for Standard shipping orders. If you need it for your order, you MUST select Express shipping instead of Standard.

Please feel free to comment below, and we will reply to you by email.

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Dear Director,
We are interested in your products. If your company can handle a bulk supply of your products to Cameroon, please contact us.
Please forward copy of your reply to hrhbahmbi3@oepd.org Regards HRM Bah Mbi

Thomasnoulk 28/05/2021

hi im planning to buy on patpat there dor i would like to ask if the international vat and duty does apply. currently im in south Africa

alza 25/05/2021

At your Pat Pat retail website, delivery is free after a specific order value.
Is it free in Wholesale order ?

Affan 21/05/2021
Mukuka Chikwekwe

I would to order from Zambia. How can i be assisted?

Mukuka Chikwekwe 20/05/2021
Juan Hernández

Quisiera comprar por mayor a Chile pero no me da la.opcion cómo puedo hacerlo

Juan Hernández 19/05/2021

I would like to order from Botswana. how do i go about? and it would the first order….

RUU 19/05/2021
3 lil monkeys

will wholesale facility be available in srilanka?

3 lil monkeys 18/05/2021
Sneidy Corredor

Im interested in do a wholesale to Colombia 🇨🇴

It is possible ?

Sneidy Corredor 17/05/2021
Alberto Junior

Dear Pat Pat,

I am planning to do my trial wholesale soon…and I have seen my country Mozambique listed in shipping addresses.

Just a confirmation if you would ship express to Mozambique.

Best regards

Alberto Junior 14/05/2021

Quiero comprar al por mayor para Chile, pero no está la opción dentro de los paises, como se debe realizar?

Nicole 10/05/2021

Could you please let me know if you have any experience with Cyprus wholesale customers and whether duties will apply here in Cyprus. We are planning to order a batch soon.

Huseyin 07/05/2021
Nilupa Karunanayaka

How about Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

Nilupa Karunanayaka 07/05/2021
Hawanatu Samba Turay

Why does pat pat wholesale refuse to ship to my country Sierra Leone?

Hawanatu Samba Turay 07/05/2021
Daniela Huentrutripai

Buen Día.

He hecho un par de compras como minorista para ver la calidad de los productos y la verdad me han encantado, por eso estoy interesada en comenzar a comprar al por mayor para revender en mi tienda virtual.
Ante esto mi duda es si hacen envíos a Chile .
Muchas Gracias.

Daniela Huentrutripai 23/04/2021

Hacen envios a El Salvador?

Leonardo 19/04/2021

Thanks! I used standard to ship the order to my home in Virginia which just took 4 days too.

Danielle 09/04/2021

When are you going to get the Wholesale program available in Albania?

Erjona 22/03/2021

Please inform me from the day when the payment is made, how long does it take for the goods to leave, all the procedures to be performed and to be delivered to the carrier?

Lavdije 16/03/2021


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