The Story About PatPat

PatPat was founded in 2014 by close friends Albert Wang (CEO) and Ken Gao (COO) in Mountain View, CA. Albert & Ken both earned their Master’s degrees at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, PA. They also worked together as Principal Engineers at Oracle shortly thereafter. When Ken was expecting his first child, he discovered the children's clothing industry was severely lacking in fashionable, functionable options. Together with his friend, they created a shopping platform for moms to find great deals for themselves and their families, without spending a lot of time and money.

Our Mission: To Provide Cute, Quality and Great Price
PatPat makes outfitting your kids easy and fun! Our formula is simple: PatPat: Cute + Quality + Great Price = More Happy Moments. Whether it’s the first day at school, a play date, a day at home or a holiday moment. PatPat will keep you and all the family smiling. Simply, we offer a large assortment of cute, quality clothes at great prices so that families all around the world can have more joyful moments.
Why You Should Join in PatPat Wholesale

Apart from retailing high-quality clothing for moms and babies, we are extremely pleased to have small and medium business owners distribute our products in their communities. Here, you can find almost everything you can see on PatPat.com but at much lower prices. The more you buy, the bigger the volume discount would be. What's more important, if you have any questions with us, just email or Whatsapp us. You can always expect our reply within 24 hours. Just on PatPat Wholesale.

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